August Meeting Minutes



John Newlin
J.C. Wheaton
John B. Dolle



I. Roll Call –
J. C. Wheaton
John Newlin
John Dolle

II. Review and Approval of Minutes from previous meeting Approved III. Treasurers Report –Approved

IV. CENTS Show – John Newlin will follow up with filling out application and Get pre-approval from the Irrigation Association. John Dolle will secure the use of Barleys for the reception at the CENTS show. Need for Scott Knowles to reach out to Ohio State to see of possibility of offering training at CENTS show.

V. Administrator, John Dolle will speak Tom Barret about the possibilities of having Tom work with our group.

VI. New Business: John Newlin is working with the Irrigation association and has been approved to be the State Legislative Coordinator representing the state of Ohio. Ohio Dig Law is being looked at again with changes coming. John Dolle will represent the Ohio Irrigation Association at these meetings.

Meeting Adjourned

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