Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2012

Meeting Notes

Date : January 23, 2012

LOCATION: CENTS Show, Columbus, Ohio


1. Approved Minutes from last meeting.

2. Treasure Report: Justin Heil (approved)

3. Update from the Irrigation Association: Chad Forcey

4. Election of officers for 2012

– President: John B. Dolle

– Vice President: JC Wheaton

– Treasurer: Justin Heil

– Secretary: John Newlin

5. Strategic Plan: For officers and board members is February 20th 2012 at the OTF building on the Ohio State Campus.

6. New Business: Every Member of the OIA will receive an annual Certificate of Membership.

Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery Entryway

7. The OIA will be participating in the annual Ohio National Cemetery volunteer

effort to work on projects that the National Cemetery in Rittman Ohio needs.

This effort will be a joint effort with other green industry associations. John

Newlin will do an audit of the irrigation at the Cemetery the spring of 2012.

Further Details will be forth coming.

8. Meeting Adjourned


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