Ohio Irrigation Association Meeting Minutes, December 20, 2016

December 20, 2016

MEETING AGENDA: Conference Call

Call to Order by President

Attendee’s: John Dolle

                   John Newlin

                   Scott Knowles

                   Tim Owen

                   JC Wheaton

                   Renzo DeFranko

                   Kris Keckley

I.               Review and Approval of Minutes from previous meeting 

                            Approved – John Newlin

II.             Treasurers Report –  All Dues Paid? JOHN DOLLE

III.           MGIX – Toolbox Talks

   Tuesday at 11:15Am – Kris Keckley (Pipe)

   Tuesday at 1:30 PM –  JC Wheaton (Wire)

   IV.       Annual Meeting (room will be announced)

                     Tom Barrett will speak

                     Reception at Barley’s

   V.         Nominations

                     John Newlin (secretary)

   VI.        Advocacy Day

                     22nd of February

                     Ohio Statehouse, Columbus, Ohio

                     Opportunity for members to visit with their State Representatives and Senators.



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