Annual Membership Meeting Minutes – January 14, 2013

Minutes from the Annual Membership Meeting

January 14th- 2013


Type of Meeting: Annual Membership Meeting and Election of Officers and Board of Directors at the Ohio  CENTS Show

Call to Order by President


I. Attendees  -Roll Call – Secretary

  1. John Newlin
  2. Justin Heil
  3. Jeffrey Heil
  4. Chris Corney
  5. Steve Cambell
  6. Adam Marrette
  7. Drew Schwamburger
  8. Joe Boff
  9. Aaron Knepp
  10. Silas Jagger
  11. Dave Matthews
  12. Tom Johnson
  13. Mike DeFranco
  14. Renzo DeFranco
  15. Patrick Ferrell
  16. Chris Foster
  17. Jeff Mgebroff
  18. Chris Dolle
  19. Scott Knowles
  20. Mike Mastrodonato
  21. Joe Twardzik
  22. Larry Fisher

II. Review and Approval of Minutes from previous meeting

III. Treasurers Report – Justin Heil, (New and Renewing Members, Invoicing)

IV. OUPS – John Newlin Up date on Sub. H.B. 458 passed by the legislature and signed by the Governor

*Requires an excavator, contractor, or utility that uses a protection service to obtain training in the protection of underground utility facilities, but specifies that the individual is deemed to have training if the individual is a member of a protection service or association that provides training.

*Eliminates a requirement that a protection service must notify the excavator of the names of each limited basis participant with underground facilities in the municipal corporation or township and county of the proposed excavation site.

*Requires, except in certain circumstances, excavators to define and premark the approximate location of a proposed excavation site before notifying a protection service about the proposed excavation and makes modifications to notification requirements.

V. Election of Officers 2113

President: JC Wheaton (Centerville Landscape and Irrigation Inc.)
Vice President: Justin Heil (O-Heil Irrigation Co.)
Treasurer: John Dolle (Rainscapes Irrigation Services)
Secretary: John Newlin (Quality Services)

Board of Directors
Scott Knowles (Wolf Creek Co.)
Dave Matthews (Simmons Landscape & Irrigation Inc.)
Renzo DeFranco (Irrigation Pro)
Steve Campbell (Essential Landscaping & Irrigation, LLC)
Tim Owen (John Deere Landscaping)

VI. Adjournment

Meeting Minutes – January 23, 2012

Meeting Notes

Date : January 23, 2012

LOCATION: CENTS Show, Columbus, Ohio


1. Approved Minutes from last meeting.

2. Treasure Report: Justin Heil (approved)

3. Update from the Irrigation Association: Chad Forcey

4. Election of officers for 2012

– President: John B. Dolle

– Vice President: JC Wheaton

– Treasurer: Justin Heil

– Secretary: John Newlin

5. Strategic Plan: For officers and board members is February 20th 2012 at the OTF building on the Ohio State Campus.

6. New Business: Every Member of the OIA will receive an annual Certificate of Membership.

Ohio Western Reserve Cemetery Entryway

7. The OIA will be participating in the annual Ohio National Cemetery volunteer

effort to work on projects that the National Cemetery in Rittman Ohio needs.

This effort will be a joint effort with other green industry associations. John

Newlin will do an audit of the irrigation at the Cemetery the spring of 2012.

Further Details will be forth coming.

8. Meeting Adjourned


Meeting Minutes – December 8, 2011

Minutes Notes

Date: December 8, 2011

LOCATION: Conference Call


  • John Newlin
  • J.C. Wheaton
  • Justin Heil
  • John B. Dolle
  • Tom Barrett
  • Tim Owen


1. Approved Minutes from last meeting.

2. Treasure Report: Justin Heil (approved)

3. WEB SITE: Tom Barrett

New Website up and running (11-16-11)

210 visits as of 12-7-11

Face Book up and running

90 E mails address so far to send info out. Monthly news letter will be sent out

Using E mail addresses

Officers Photos needed to post on website. Please email photo to Tom Barrett

Meeting notes will be posted. John Newlin will forward to Tom Barrett.

4. CENTS Show: John Newlin

Booth has been reserved.

Banners and hand outs will be taken care of by John Newlin

Business Cards will be printed for the annual meeting and reception by John


Business Cards for contractors to go to Website and apply for membership will be printed by John Newlin

Sign up sheet will be sent via Email for members to help man the booth by John Newlin

Fish Bowl and to collect business cards will be provided at the booth for $50.00

Card give away to help increase the number of Email addresses we have on file to send out news letter by John Newlin

5. Annual Meeting (CENTS): John Dolle

Meeting Room by Tim Owen

Speaker, Chad Forcey Irrigation Association by John Newlin

6. Annual Reception (CENTS): John Dolle

Monday January 23rd at 6:00 PM

Barley’s Food and Drink by John Dolle

Sponsors ($500.00)& give aways by JC Wheaton


6. Membership Rates for 2012: John Dolle

Due Date April 1st 2012

Contractor Membership $150.00

Suppliers and Manufactures $350.00